Life in British Towns - Where Sam Lives
Parks usually have a playground, lots of grass, trees and flower beds.

Life in British Towns - Where Sam Lives

This quiz addresses part of the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2 in Geography. Specifically it looks at life, buildings and services in British towns. It is one of 50 quizzes to help you understand the world around you.

Sam lives in a British town, in the Midlands of England. Sam lives in the town of Bedworth. It is near a bigger town called Nuneaton. It is also near the city of Coventry. Let’s find out about Sam’s life in a town. What buildings will he see and what services are available? This quiz looks at the life of people in towns and cities in Britain. Think carefully about each of the questions - see just how many you can get right!

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  1. Sam lives in a road with a lot of houses. A lot of other people live on Sam’s road. What are these people called?
    Who are your neighbours?
  2. Sam lives in a town. When he wants to play with his friends he goes to a space down the road. It has a slide, swings and a climbing frame. What is it called?
    Where is your nearest playground?
  3. Sam lives in a town. He and his friends play at the nearest playground. Sometimes Sam’s Mum and Dad take him to the ____ where there is a bigger playground, flower beds and lots of grass and trees.
    Do you have a park near where you live?
  4. Sam lives in a town called Bedworth. It is not a very big town. It is not as big as a city. But all round where Sam lives there are houses. What type of area does Sam live in?
    Urban areas are built up - they have lots of houses, factories, shops and offices
  5. Sam’s Mum and Dad take him to the Leisure Centre in the town. Sam is a good swimmer. Which part of the Leisure Centre does he use to go swimming?
    Where is your nearest swimming pool?
  6. Sam lives in a town. In the town centre there is a building with a lot of books. What is it called?
    Do you go to the library? What type of books do you like?
  7. When Sam is 11 he will go on to a big school. There is one big school in Sam’s town. But Sam might go to other big schools in places nearby. Which one of these is a word for a big school after you are 11?
    What is the name of your nearest secondary school?
  8. Sam lives in the small town of Bedworth. Sam’s Mum and Dad often go into the town centre to buy things. What do we call places where you can buy things?
    What sorts of shops are there in your nearest town or city centre?
  9. Sam is 7 years old. Sam goes to a school near where he lives. His Mum walks him to school. The school has a class for every year, from nursery to Year 6. Sam is in the Year 2 class. What type of school does Sam go to?
    There are 7 primary schools in Sam’s town
  10. Sam’s Mum often shops in the town centre. But where does she buy most of their food?
    Which supermarket does your family go to?

Author: David Bland

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