Life In Rural Wales
Cerys helps to bottle-feed some of the new-born lambs in springtime.

Life In Rural Wales

This quiz addresses part of the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2 in Geography. Specifically it looks at rural life in Wales and its difference to urban life. It is one of 50 quizzes to help you understand the world around you.

Not everyone in Great Britain and Ireland lives in an urban area like a town or a city. A lot of people live in rural areas - in a village or out in the country. In geography you will find out about lots of different places where people live. In this quiz you will find out about Cerys. Cerys lives on a farm in Wales. She is 7 years old and goes to the village school. It is 4 miles to the school. How is life for Cerys different to life for Sam who lives in a town?

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  1. Cerys goes to a small village school. It is 4 miles to the school. How does Cerys get to school?
    How far is it to your school?
  2. Cerys lives on a farm in the middle of Wales. It is 4 miles to the nearest village. There are hills and fields all around the farm. What sort of area does Cerys live in?
    It is very quiet where Cerys lives
  3. Cerys lives on a farm in the middle of Wales. It is 4 miles to the nearest village. It only has one very small shop. It is ten miles to the nearest town. When Cerys’s Mum goes shopping, how far does she have to go?
    How far away are the nearest big shops from your house?
  4. Cerys likes swimming. She is a good swimmer. But the nearest swimming pool is in a town 10 miles away. Why can’t Cerys walk with her Mum and Dad to the swimming pool?
    If it is 10 miles to the swimming pool, how far is it to go there and back?
  5. Cerys has lots of friends. But Cerys lives on a farm on its own. Why can’t Cerys just go down the street to play with her friends?
    Cerys does get to see her friends - her Mum takes her in the car
  6. Cerys’s Mum and Dad run a farm in rural Wales. They have a lot of _____, which grow wool.
    There are a lot of sheep farms in Wales
  7. Cerys lives on a sheep farm in the middle of Wales. Cerys’s Mum and Dad are very busy on the farm in spring. Why is that?
    Cerys helps to bottle-feed some of the lambs
  8. Cerys’s Mum and Dad have a lot of vehicles on the farm. They have a car, a pick-up, and a four-wheel drive truck. What other vehicle do they need on the farm?
    Do you have a toy tractor? What colour is it?
  9. Sam lives in a town. He lives on a road with 42 houses on it.

    Cerys live on a farm in a valley in the middle of Wales. There are 8 families living in the valley. 5 of the families live in houses. The rest live on farms. How many farms are there in the valley?
    All the families in the valley are neighbours
  10. Sam has a dog. It is a pet. It is a Labrador puppy. It lives in the house.

    Cerys’s Dad has a dog. It sleeps outside in a kennel. He uses it to round up the sheep. What sort of dog is it?
    Which types of dog make good sheepdogs?

Author: David Bland

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