Town and Country - Different Sized Settlements
There is often a church at the centre of a village.

Town and Country - Different Sized Settlements

This quiz addresses part of the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2 in Geography. Specifically it looks at different sizes of settlements, from cities, through towns and villages, to hamlets. It is one of 50 quizzes to help you understand the world around you.

Places people live are called settlements and they come in many sizes. Where do you live? Lots of people live in cities. Do you live in a big city? Or do you live in a large town? Do you live in the suburbs? Or do you live in a small town? Perhaps you live in the countryside - in a village or a hamlet or in a house on its own. In geography you learn about people in different places. This quiz is about the different sizes of settlements and what we call them.

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  1. Adil lives in London. His family live in a block of flats. Adil can see the centre of London from his home. Adil lives in a:
    London is the biggest city in the British Isles
  2. Sasha also lives in London. He lives in a house on a quiet road. There are lots of houses on the road. It is 8 miles to the centre of London. Sasha’s Mum goes to work in the centre of London on a train. Sasha lives in:
    Lots of people live in suburbs. All the big cities are surrounded by suburbs
  3. Sam lives in Bedworth. Bedworth is a small town. The nearest large town is called Nuneaton.
    Bedworth is also near Coventry. Coventry is a big city.
    Which one of these is the biggest?
    Coventry is a big city. But London is much bigger
  4. Bedworth and Nuneaton are smaller than cities. But they are bigger than villages.
    Bedworth and Nuneaton are both:
    Do you live in a city, in a town or in the countryside?
  5. Katie does not live in a town or a city. Katie lives in a much smaller place. There are 100 houses, a school, two pubs and one shop. Where does Katie live?
    There is often a church at the centre of a village
  6. Katie’s village is surrounded by ______.
    Katie lives in a village in the countryside
  7. Adam lives two miles from Katie’s village. Adam goes to the same school as Katie. Adam lives in a place with just 6 houses and one farm. Adam lives in a ______.
    Hamlets are smaller than villages
  8. Adil lives in London. There are lots of buses in London.
    Sam lives in Bedworth. There are regular buses in Bedworth.
    Katie lives in a village. It has just two buses a day.
    Adam lives in a hamlet. There are no buses where Adam lives.
    Which one of these has the most buses?
    Is there a bus stop near where you live? How often are the buses?
  9. All the children want to see the latest film. Their parents take them to the cinema.

    Which one of these has the most cinemas?
    There are no cinemas in villages or hamlets. Katie lives in a village. She has to travel a long way to get to a cinema
  10. Katie likes living in the countryside. Her Mum likes living there too. Katie’s Mum does a lot of her shopping online. Why does she do this?
    There are lots of shops in towns and cities, but they are a long way from Katie’s village

Author: David Bland

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