British Engineers
Rolls Royce are famous throughout the world for the luxury cars they make. They also make engines for aeroplanes!

British Engineers

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 History for children aged 5, 6 and 7 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with historical figures and understanding the lives and achievements of significant people in history.

Studying the lives and achievements of significant people in history is a key part of the KS1 history curriculum. Children must understand how the actions, developments and inventions of a variety of significant people, such as British engineers, have shaped and influenced our lives today.

  1. William Tierney Clark designed the first suspension ______ to span the River Thames in London.
    He designed many bridges in this country and even one in Hungary
  2. Sir Geoffrey de Havilland was an aircraft engineer. He developed an incredible war plane which was called:
    He also developed a range of aircraft which were called 'moths'!
  3. Charles Rolls and Henry Royce were engineers who founded a company famous for what?
    Rolls Royce now sell some cars which cost hundreds of thousands of pounds!
  4. Without engineers, and their work throughout history, what would life be like today?
    Engineers have shaped the world we live in. Engineering is our way of using science to make the things that nature didn't give us
  5. George Stephenson was a Victorian engineer who was sometimes referred to as what?
    His ideas and engineering skills revolutionised railways and rail travel
  6. Thomas Harold Flowers was a British engineer who designed a ______ which helped solve encrypted German messages during the war.
    This was the world's first electronic programmable computer and it was called Colossus
  7. Sir Barnes Neville Wallis was an engineer who designed something bouncy during World War 2. What was it?
    The bomb was used to attack German dams and even had a film made about it
  8. What was Isambard Kingdom Brunel famous for?
    Isambard Kingdom Brunel was a great engineer and used his skills to solve lots of transport problems!
  9. Not all engineers are men. Dame Caroline Harriet Haslett was a female engineer who was famous for...
    Dame Haslett wanted more women to be scientists and engineers and believed that electricity could change women's lives for the better
  10. A railway line runs from Paddington to Farringdon in London. This was the world's first:
    Many other cities around the world used the engineering used in Britain as a starting point for their own underground systems

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