Weddings through History
Bridesmaids wear the same outfit so as to confuse evil spirits!

Weddings through History

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 for children aged 5, 6 and 7 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with studying the lives of significant individuals in the past who have contributed to national and international achievements.

When learning about the lives of those who have contributed to national achievements young children might look at weddings. Children will learn about the weddings of some important people who have contributed to national achievements, such as Henry VIII or Queen Victoria.

Everyone loves a good wedding! It's a time for celebration and rejoicing as families come together and couples enjoy the best day of their lives. Some ancient customs and traditions have survived the centuries to remain as part of ceremonies today.

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  1. Who first had wedding rings?
    Evidence has been found of braided rings of hemp or reeds being exchanged by a wedded couple
  2. Who made white wedding dresses popular?
    In ancient times, brides wore bright colours to show their joy and happiness
  3. When did wedding rings for men become popular?
    Many men went to fight in the war and liked a reminder of their family back home
  4. Most wedding receptions have a wedding cake. What did the ancient Romans have instead?
    They thought this brought good luck!
  5. Where does the expression 'tying the knot' come from?
    In many cultures, the hand of a bride and groom are tied together as a symbol of their new bond
  6. A popular wedding rhyme starts with 'something old, something new'. How does it end?
    Relatives usually offer the something old, like great grandmother's antique brooch
  7. What made a marriage legal in Ancient Rome?
    The kiss was considered a legal bond necessary to seal all contracts
  8. The groom traditionally stands to the right of his bride. Why is this?
    In bygone days the groom needed his right hand free to fight off other suitors!
  9. King Henry VIII is quite famous for getting married. How many wives did he have?
    Not all of them survived being married to Henry!
  10. Why have bridesmaids usually worn the same style of dress?
    Long ago the bride's friends wore the same exact outfit as the bride to confuse the evil spirits who wanted to destroy her happiness

Author: Angela Smith

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