KS1 Maths Quiz
Year 1 Shapes - Everyday Objects
Road signs can be square, oblong or even triangular but this one is a circle.

Year 1 Shapes - Everyday Objects

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Maths and Numeracy for children aged 5 and 6 in year 1. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with relating shapes to everyday objects.

When talking about shapes, Year 1 children will begin to realise that some of the objects in the everyday world around them are similar to some of the shapes they have learnt about. They should be able to recognise that some everyday objects have particular shapes and may, for example, relate a box of cereal to a cuboid or relate a window to an oblong.

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  1. Question 1

    What shape are these building blocks?
    Cubes are good for stacking
  2. Question 2

    What shape are these buildings?
    These are the famous pyramids in Egypt
  3. Question 3

    What shape is a cereal box?
    Lots of foods are stored in cuboid-shaped boxes!
  4. Question 4

    What shape is on top of this building?
    It is a pyramid made from glass
  5. Question 5

    These swimming pool tiles are...
    Squares fit together easily to make patterns
  6. Question 6

    What shape is this window?
    This is a round window!
  7. Question 7

    These marbles are...
    They are spheres and so roll really well
  8. Question 8

    What shape is the letterbox?
    Oblongs have two pairs of sides and 4 90 degree angles
  9. Question 9

    Our planet is a...
    Most planets are considered to be spheres
  10. Question 10

    What shape is this road sign?
    Lots of warning signs are triangular

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