KS1 Maths Quiz
Year 2 Calculation - Multiplication and Division
If 16 pencils are shared between 2 people they both get 8 pencils each.

Year 2 Calculation - Multiplication and Division

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Maths and Numeracy for children aged 6 and 7 in year 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with solving multiplication and division questions.

Using multiplication and division to solve word problems begins with understanding the associated language, such as 'groups of' or 'multiplied by' for multiplication and 'shared equally' and 'divided by' for division. Solving problems set in real contexts, such as shopping or sharing toys or sweets is an important and useful skill.

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  1. Question 1

    A chocolate company has made 60 limited edition chocolates. They wish to pack them 10 to a box. How many full boxes can they make?
    60 chocolates divided equally into groups of ten gives an answer of 6
  2. Question 2

    If there are 12 bikes in the bike shop, how many wheels will there be altogether?
    12 x 2 = 24
  3. Question 3

    The class is going to have a party. There are 25 in the class. Crisps come in big bags of 5. How many ‘big bags’ will we need to ensure all children get a bag of crisps?
    5 x 5 = 25, so we will need 5 big bags
  4. Question 4

    A company packs ice lollies into boxes of 10. Each box has 5 strawberry and 5 blackcurrant lollies. They have made 50 strawberry and 50 blackcurrant lollies. How many full boxes can they make?
    There are 100 lollies altogether. 100 divided into groups of 10 means they could make 10 full boxes
  5. Question 5

    I need a knife, fork and spoon for 12 people. How many pieces of cutlery will I need altogether?
    3 x 12, or 12 x 3 = 36
  6. Question 6

    I give 5 sweets to each of my 10 friends. How many sweets did I give away altogether?
    10 x 5 or 5 x 10 = 50
  7. Question 7

    Joe wants to buy a computer game costing £3.50. If he saves 50p a week, how many weeks will he need to save for before he can afford the game?
    7 x 50p = £3.50
  8. Question 8

    There are 5 apples in a bag. The cook needs enough apples to feed 40 children. How many bags must the cook buy?
    40 ÷ 5 = 8
  9. Question 9

    The teacher wants to put the children into groups of 5. If there are 30 children in the class, how many groups can be made?
    30 children divided into groups of 5 would give 6 groups altogether
  10. Question 10

    At a party, each child is given 2 balloons. If 15 children come to the party, how many balloons will there need to be?
    2 x 15 = 30 balloons altogether

Author: Angela Smith

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