KS1 Maths Quiz
Year 2 Calculation - Subtraction Problems
If a piece of rope measures 50cm and I cut off a piece measuring 20cm, how much rope is left?

Year 2 Calculation - Subtraction Problems

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Maths and Numeracy for children aged 6 and 7 in year 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with solving subtraction problems.

Solving subtraction problems means being able to recognise key vocabulary such as 'take away' or 'minus' and calculate accordingly. This quiz will help children to become familiar with these words and help them to solve subtraction problems.

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  1. Question 1

    What is the difference between 13 and 22?
    The other 3 options are true but in maths 'difference' means to take away. To find the difference between two numbers, subtract the smaller from the larger
  2. Question 2

    Kim is given £20 for her birthday. Jake gets £12 less than this. How much does Jake get?
    Counting back from the larger number to the smaller one is useful when finding 'less than'
  3. Question 3

    I buy a tray of 20 eggs. Omelettes need 2 eggs each. How many eggs will be left if I make 5 omelettes?
    20 - (5 x 2) = 10
  4. Question 4

    What is 9 subtracted from 18?
    Subtract means to take away
  5. Question 5

    Sarah walks 15 miles. Fran walks 9 miles. How much further than Fran has Sarah walked?
    15 - 9 = 6
  6. Question 6

    I have 12 books and lend 4 to my friend. How many books do I have left?
    12 - 4 = 8 so 8 books are left
  7. Question 7

    What is 15 minus 9?
    Minus means to take away
  8. Question 8

    A piece of rope measures 90cm. I cut off a piece measuring 25cm and another piece measuring 20cm. How much rope is left?
    90 - 25 = 65.
    65 - 20 = 45
  9. Question 9

    I buy 24 cakes. My brother eats 6, I eat 4 and mum eats 7. How many cakes are left?
    17 cakes are eaten, so 24 - 17 = 7
  10. Question 10

    18 minus 12 = 10 - ?
    The two subtractions should give the same answer, which is 6

Author: Angela Smith

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