KS1 Maths Quiz
Year 2 Fractions - Equivalent Fractions
24 is the same as 12 and 44 is the same as one whole.

Year 2 Fractions - Equivalent Fractions

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Maths and Numeracy for children aged 6 and 7 in year 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with recognising equivalent fractions.

Recognising, writing and naming fractions are all important steps in Year 2. Equivalent fractions means two or more fractions which have the same value. For example, two quarters and one half are both the same, as are two halves, four quarters and 1 whole.

It is important for Year 2 children to be able to recognise equivalent fractions and this quiz will help them to do so.

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  1. Question 1

    If I cut a cake into four equal slices and eat two of them, how much have I eaten?
    Two quarters out of four is the same as one half
  2. Question 2

    Which is more: 13 of 12 or 12 of 12?
    12 of 12 is 6 and 13 of 12 is 4
  3. Question 3

    Which pair of fractions have the same value?
    Whenever the numerator and denominator are the same number, the fraction is equal to one whole
  4. Question 4

    Jane is given £24 for her birthday. She spends half the money on toys, a quarter of the money on sweets and gives a quarter to charity. How much money does Jane have left?
    A half added to a quarter and another quarter equals everything!
  5. Question 5

    Jim and Harry both have 12 jelly beans. Jim eats 14 of his and Harry eats 13 of his. Who ate more jelly beans?
    14 of 12 is 3 and 13 of 12 is 4, so Harry ate one more than Jim
  6. Question 6

    Which is less: 14 of 12 or 34 of 16?
    34 of 16 is 12, 14 of 12 is only 3
  7. Question 7

    Kim ate 14 of a pizza and Fran also ate 14. What fraction of the pizza remains?
    There are four quarters in a whole. If two are eaten, two remain and this is the same as a half
  8. Question 8

    Which is less: 14 of 12 or 13 of 9?
    13 of 9 is 3, and 14 of 12 is also 3
  9. Question 9

    Which is more: 12 of 6 or 34 of 8?
    34 of 8 is 6, and 12 of 6 is 3
  10. Question 10

    Which fraction is the same as 12?
    There are four quarters in a whole, so two of them would be the same as a half

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