Emotions 2
Imagine yourself in the following questions and see how you would feel.

Emotions 2

This KS1 PSHE Emotions 2 quiz follows on from the Emotions 1 quiz and helps children connect situations with feelings.

If you’ve completed the first emotions quiz, you'll know there are lots of different ways a person can be feeling. This quiz is going to see if you can connect the situation or sentence with a particular feeling. Read the sentence and decide which feeling would be felt.

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  1. Her stomach was hurting, her friend didn't want to play with her and now she just feels really, really....
    If you have a bad day like this, remember that a new day will arrive soon and you can start afresh.
  2. The horror film made them very....
    Films are given age recommendations which means a film has been watched and someone has decided how old you should be before being able to watch it.
  3. The baby was cuddled and felt....
    If the sentence said the baby was crying and that's why it was cuddled, then answers one and two could apply.
  4. They jumped out from behind the sofa and she felt so....
    It sounds like a surprise party - where a party is arranged and everyone knows about it except for the birthday boy or girl.
  5. She had asked him four times to tidy his room and he still hadn't done it. Now she felt....
    Do you think you've ever done anything that might have annoyed your parents?
  6. Peter stood in front of the whole school to collect his swimming certificate. He felt....
    He might have also felt a little nervous - you can feel more than one emotion at a time.
  7. Jenny's pet rabbit has just died. She feels very...
    She will probably need to mourn the death of her rabbit. This means she will feel sad for some time.
  8. The other girls won't let her join in. She feels...
    I always think if someone doesn't want to play with me then they don't deserve to play with me. I find someone else who does want to be my friend!
  9. She had a bubble bath and finally felt....
    People relax in different ways - some find food relaxing whilst others enjoy going for a jog!
  10. It was now time for the exam and he was....
    Most people are worried and nervous when they sit an exam - even if they have studied all year!

Author: Finola Waller

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