Special People
Nurses are special people.

Special People

Special People looks at those around us who help the community. This KS1 PSHE Special People quiz will ask children to identify which special person belongs to which situation.

Everyone knows someone who is special to them; they could be a parent, friend or relative. However, there are some people who are special to everyone as they help our community.

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  1. They are special enough to teach you things that will help your life. Who are they?
    Without teachers we wouldn't learn to be doctors, vets, policemen etc. We need teachers to teach us so that we can then become special people too!
  2. Who is special enough to give you your specially-posted birthday card?
    Postmen deliver normally whilst you are at school.
  3. Someone has committed a crime. Which special person will help us catch them?
    Obviously, it could be policeman or policewoman!
  4. There is a fire and we need someone special to put it out but who?
    If you see a fire, you should call 999.
  5. If you feel poorly, which special person will help you?
    Doctors spend all day helping poorly people. If it's an emergency or life-threatening then it will be a doctor in a hospital who will help you.
  6. Uh oh! You've eaten too many sweets and now you need fillings. Who do you visit?
    Dentists only help you with problems involving your teeth.
  7. Your pet dog is ill. Who is special enough to help you?
    A doctor can't help animals and a vet can't help people!
  8. You need to cross the road and this person can sometimes help you. Who is it?
    They aren't on every street but are often by your school ready to help you cross the road safely.
  9. She wanted to donate blood and so she visited which special person?
    Nurses are the ones that take blood from you or give you injections.
  10. For this quiz, what do we mean by special people?
    The word community means a group or lots of people.

Author: Finola Waller

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