Working Together
It's important to be able to work in a team.

Working Together

Working Together is a very important tool to learn and something that isn’t necessarily innate. This KS1 PSHE quiz will help children learn how to work together and be a better group member.

There is no I in team. This means that in a team, everyone is important, not just one person. This quiz is going to test you on working together, or in a group. Let’s see if you are a team player!

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  1. In school, when should you not work together?
    All these other activities are done in a group but tests are to see how you do individually.
  2. Why should you work in a team?
    Being in a team means you have others to help you and that you can learn from.
  3. You need to find a pair - who should you pick?
    Pair work or group work is a good way to get to know other people and make new friends.
  4. Someone in your team is struggling. What should you do?
    You are a team. That means you should work together and try to fix any problems as a team.
  5. Oh no! You don't agree with someone in your group. What should you do?
    Voting is the fairest way to decide as it means you do what most (the majority) of your group wants.
  6. You've been the only one talking in the group. What should you do?
    Sometimes when you're so full of ideas you can talk and talk and talk! But don't forget, a team is made up of more than one person and other people might want to speak too.
  7. You feel shy and hate group activities. What should you do?
    You may want to cry but unfortunately crying never helps - instead try and talk to someone in the group; they might feel the same. If that doesn't fix the problem, see if a teacher can help you.
  8. You have been writing all the answers for your group. Is that wrong?
    If your team is happy with this choice then that's fine but if not, perhaps you should take it in turns and share all the tasks.
  9. Why do teachers sometimes put you in groups?
    This is the main reason. Sometimes an activity is too big to be done by one person, so you have to work in a group to get the task done.
  10. Which of these is not a team sport?
    A team sport involves more than one person.

Author: Finola Waller

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