KS1 RE Quiz
Biblical Characters
How many characters from the Bible do you know?

Biblical Characters

This Biblical Characters RE quiz asks children to identify the key figures within Christianity. The focus on this sole religion is because Key Stage 1 children’s assemblies tend to concentrate on stories from the Bible, compared to RE lessons where they may spend a term on a specific religion.

The Bible is full of interesting characters and stories but do you know your Mary from your Joseph? Test your knowledge on these biblical characters.

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  1. This person ruled the land and would not let the Israelites be free. What was he called?
    He wanted to keep them as slaves and refused to release them!
  2. What's the name of Mary's son?
    We celebrate his birth on December 25th - Christmas Day!
  3. Who lived in Eden with Eve?
    Adam was the first person ever made.
  4. Who was not an apostle of Jesus?
    There were twelve apostles.
  5. Who had to build a boat?
    God warned Noah that there would be a flood and that he should build an ark.
  6. What was Jesus' dad called?
    Joseph was a carpenter.
  7. What other name can we call God?
    If you refer to God as 'He', it should always be written with a capital letter.
  8. What was the name of the woman who bit an apple in the Garden of Eden?
    A serpent told her to do it.
  9. Who saw a burning bush and punished The Pharaoh for God?
    He was also able to part the sea so that they could walk through it!
  10. Who was not at Jesus' birth?
    Jesus was born in a manger.

Author: Finola Waller

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