KS1 RE Quiz
Religious Buildings
The above is a typical English church.

Religious Buildings

This Religious Buildings RE quiz asks KS1 children to recognise different types of building and should follow on from the previous quizzes on Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism.

Every religion has a place where people can come together and worship their god. This quiz is going to see if you can recognise the names of these buildings. Good luck!

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  1. We call this building a...
    This is a Hindu temple.
  2. This is the inside of which religious building?
    Hopefully the mats on the carpet helped you figure out this was a mosque.
  3. This is the inside of which religious building?
    The Star of David is shown inside and outside of a synagogue.
  4. This building is a called a...
    If you go to a mosque you are a Muslim and follow a religion called Islam.
  5. This is the inside of which religious building?
    A church always has an altar and images of a cross.
  6. This is a Hindu temple but what is it officially called?
    As well as being the name for a Hindu temple, the word mandir means gladdening.
  7. Which of these is not the name of a holy place?
    Churches, chapels and cathedrals are places where Christians worship.
  8. This building is called a...
    The Star of David should have helped you realise this is where Jewish people pray.
  9. This is the inside of which religious building?
    The outside of Hindu temples can vary in appearance but the insides all contain similar items.
  10. This building is called a...
    Churches often have crosses on them.

Author: Finola Waller

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