KS1 RE Quiz
Special Days
Religious people celebrate lots of special days!

Special Days

This Special Days RE quiz looks at religious dates and celebrations and asks KS1 children to answer questions about special days.

Many religions have special celebration days. Some dates you will know because you celebrate them or are off school but some may be new to you. See how much you know about these important dates.

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  1. Diwali normally falls between which two months?
    The date varies as it depends on the Hindu calendar but it normally falls in the middle of these two months.
  2. What date is Christmas?
    This is celebrated by many, especially Christians.
  3. Holi is the festival of colours but which religious people celebrate this?
    This is celebrated in spring when all the flowers are blooming and bright colours can be seen.
  4. What must you do during Lent?
    This leads up to Easter, when you are finally allowed to eat or do the thing you'd given up.
  5. Muslims celebrate Eid al-Adha but the dates change each year. Why is this?
    This celebration lasts four days and means festival of sacrifice.
  6. Jewish people celebrate Passover but how long does it last?
    Passover always happens in spring.
  7. What do people do on Christmas day?
    This represents the giving of gifts the three kings gave to Jesus.
  8. Sikhs celebrate Guru Nanak's birthday on 15th April but which season is this?
    He was born in 1469 - that's over five hundred years ago.
  9. The date for Ramadan varies as it's on the ninth month of the Muslim year but what must all Muslims do during this time?
    They are not allowed to eat during daylight hours.
  10. What day does Easter fall on?
    The date varies but the day is always the same.

Author: Finola Waller

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