Animals - Growing and Getting Taller
Before chicks can leave the nest they must learn how to fly.

Animals - Growing and Getting Taller

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with animals, growing and getting taller.

How old are you? When is your next birthday? You are getting taller. How old is your mum or your dad? Every year we all get a little bit older and children get a little bit taller. Like you, young animals grow as they get older. They grow into adults, or grown-ups. Grown-ups have jobs. Many people go out to work. Other animals also change what they do when they grow up. Here are some questions about animals and people getting older.

  1. This is an elephant mother with her calf. What will the calf grow as she gets older?
    Elephant tusks are like great big long teeth
  2. This is Mike. Mike is Alice’s father. Mike is 56 years old. Mike is:
    56 is quite old, but not very old. How much older is Mike than Alice?
  3. Which one of these is a grown-up animal?
    Be careful. Bulls can be dangerous!
  4. This is an eagle feeding its chicks in the nest. What must the chicks learn to do before they can leave the nest?
    The chicks can eat, but they can’t yet fly
  5. Which one of these is an adult animal?
    What must it be like to ride a horse?
  6. Cats like to play. They like to play with balls of wool. Which one of these will play most?
    Older cats sleep a lot
  7. Which one of these is an adult animal?
    Don’t forget, hen is another word for a grown-up chicken
  8. This is a mother polar bear with her two cubs. What must the cubs learn to do before they can live on their own?
    The polar bear cubs can walk and swim, but they have to learn how to catch fish
  9. Alice is 27 years old. Alice is:
    How old are you? How much older is Alice than you?
  10. This is Alice’s Grandma. Alice’s Grandma is 85 years old. Alice’s Grandma is:
    When you grow-up, you never stop being an adult, even if you are very old

Author: David Bland

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