Animals - Growth from Babies to Adults
It's not only birds that lay eggs. Dinosaurs came from eggs too!

Animals - Growth from Babies to Adults

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with animal growth.

One of the things that you have found out in science is that all animals grow. They get bigger. Sometimes the adults can look quite different to the babies. Some animals hatch from eggs. Birds do this. Baby birds, or chicks, hatch from eggs. Then they grow into adult birds like chickens. Let's find out more about young animals and how they grow up.

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  1. What do we call baby chickens?
    Have you ever held a chick in your hand?
  2. A baby kangaroo is carried by its mother in a _____.
    Baby kangaroos are called joeys
  3. Chicks come from eggs. This chick has just left the egg. What do we call it when the chick leaves the egg?
    Have you ever seen a chick hatch from an egg?
  4. Where does the robin lay its eggs?
    Robin eggs have blue shells
  5. What are ducklings when they grow up?
    Ducks are very good swimmers
  6. What is the missing word?

    Egg → _____ → Chicken
    Older chickens are often called hens
  7. This is a fossil. It is a dinosaur egg. Dinosaurs lived in the past. What type of animal was a dinosaur?
    Baby dinosaurs hatched from eggs. Then they grew very, very big!
  8. Birds lay eggs. So do reptiles. Which one of these animals is a reptile?
    The giant tortoise can live to be very old. The oldest tortoise is 190 years old!
  9. What do we call a baby goose?
    Goslings are baby geese. Cygnets are baby swans
  10. The picture shows a baby robin chick. It has just left the nest.

    What is the missing word?

    _____ → Chick → Robin
    Robins turn red as they get older

Author: David Bland

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