Animals - Life Cycle of a Butterfly
Some butterflies have beautifully coloured wings.

Animals - Life Cycle of a Butterfly

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with animals and the life-cycle of a butterfly.

Butterflies brighten up our lives. They are colourful insects. They flutter from flower to flower. As you have studied animals you have learned about butterflies at school. They are very unusual animals and have an interesting life-cycle. As they grow up, they change a lot. They look completely different. How much do you know about the life-cycle of a butterfly?

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  1. What helps butterflies to fly?
    When you look at a butterfly, it often seems to have just two wings. But butterflies have four wings - two on either side
  2. Where do butterflies lay their eggs?
    Butterflies lay lots of eggs
  3. What hatches from butterfly eggs?
    Baby caterpillars are tiny
  4. The caterpillar grows. It grows by eating _____.
    Caterpillars can eat great big holes in the leaves of plants
  5. The caterpillar turns into a _____.
    Another name for a pupa is a chrysalis
  6. Inside the pupa, the caterpillar changes into a _____.
    The butterfly looks completely different to the caterpillar
  7. Which one of these is the adult?
    Most butterflies have beautiful, coloured wings
  8. Which one of these can fly?
    What is your favourite colour of butterfly?
  9. Where do adult butterflies get their food?
    Butterflies and bees both get their food from flowers
  10. This insect is like a butterfly. But it is not as colourful. It is a _____.
    Moths are often brown or grey in colour. They grow just like a butterfly. They have eggs and caterpillars. But instead of a pupa, the moth caterpillar makes a cocoon

Author: David Bland

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