Animals - Life Cycle of a Frog
Play this quiz and take a closer look at frogs!

Animals - Life Cycle of a Frog

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with animals and the life-cycle of a frog.

When you have studied animals at school you will have learned about frogs. You may have seen frog spawn and tadpoles in ponds. Frogs are animals with interesting life-cycles. They spend all their life near water or in damp places. Frogs like to hide away. How much do you know about the life-cycle of a frog?

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  1. Where are you most likely to find a frog?
    There are some tree frogs, but not in this country
  2. Frogs lay their eggs in ponds. What do we call their eggs?
    What does frogspawn look like?
  3. What hatch from the eggs of frogspawn and swim in the pond?
    Tadpoles look like tiny baby fish. They have long tails
  4. Look closely. What has this tadpole grown?
    How many legs has it grown so far? - Two
  5. This tadpole is turning into a froglet. A froglet is a young frog. How many legs has the froglet?
    Young frogs still have a tail
  6. When will you find frogspawn and tadpoles?
    Frogspawn appears in ponds in early spring - in February and March
  7. The tadpole grows legs. What does the tadpole lose as it changes into an adult frog?
    Young frogs have a tail, but they lose it as they grow into adults
  8. Which one of these is an adult?
    What sound do frogs make?
  9. What do frogs eat?
    Frogs are carnivores. As well as flies they also eat slugs and worms
  10. How do frogs catch their food?
    Frogs have really long, sticky tongues. They do not chew their food. They swallow it whole!

Author: David Bland

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