Animals - Moving by Flying, Swimming and Walking
Animals have different ways of moving around. Orangutans are excellent at climbing.

Animals - Moving by Flying, Swimming and Walking

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with animals flying, swimming, walking and moving.

We walk about, and run, and skip. Animals move about. They move to find food. They move to find somewhere to live. How do different animals move? Animals on land walk or run or slither. Fish in the sea swim. Whales swim too. Birds in the air fly. Insects fly as well. Let’s find out more about how animals move about.

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  1. Some animals can move quickly. Some animals move slowly. The tortoise moves slowly. Which one of these animals moves slowly?
    Snails never seem to be in a hurry!
  2. When we move, our legs push against the ground. Fish have fins and a tail. Fish swim. What do the fins and tail push against when they are swimming?
    Do you like swimming? When you are swimming, your legs and arms push against the water
  3. How many legs has this lizard?
    Lizards have four legs and long tails. This lizard is called a red-headed rock agama
  4. Kangaroos have big back legs and small front legs. How do kangaroos move about?
    Kangaroos live in Australia
  5. Earthworms do not have legs. What is the best word to describe how they move?
    Always put earthworms back in the soil when you have looked at them
  6. Jake is an athlete. He is a sprinter. He can run very fast. What pushes him along?
    Our legs push against the ground. That’s how we move
  7. Most animals have four legs, like this horse. Which one of these animals has more than four legs?
    Did you know? - No centipede has exactly 100 legs. They can have 20 legs. Or they can have as many as 300 legs!
  8. This is a crab. It has special front legs. What are they called?
    The crab uses its claws to help it to move and to catch its food
  9. Snakes and lizards are both reptiles. But snakes have no legs. How do snakes move?
    Can you curve your body like a snake?
  10. When birds fly, they flap their wings. What do the wings push against when they are flying?
    Birds can glide through the air

Author: David Bland

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