Animals - Pet Care
Pets and farm animals all need looking after. Horses need feeding, watering and grooming.

Animals - Pet Care

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with animals and the care of them, especially for pets.

In school, you may have looked at earthworms or woodlice. What did you do with your minibeasts after you had looked at them? At home, you may have a pet animal. Who looks after and cares for your pet animal? How do you care for your pet? On a farm, animals must be cared for and looked after. Pets and farm animals are called domestic animals. Let’s find out a bit more about caring for domestic animals.

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  1. Pets are like people. They like to be ____ and _____.
    Do you like being warm and comfortable?
  2. Alice’s dog is not well. Where do Alice and her Dad take the dog?
    Vets are animal doctors
  3. Tom is at school. It is a science lesson. Tom goes outside and collects minibeasts from under a log. He looks at them with a magnifying glass. What must Tom do when he has finished looking at them?
    You must always be kind to pets, and you must always be kind to minibeasts
  4. What is the woman doing?
    Lots of pets like to have their hair or fur brushed or combed
  5. A lot of pets like being _____.
    Be careful! Not all pets like being stroked
  6. Pets need somewhere comfortable to _____.
    You have a comfy bed. Pets need comfy beds, too
  7. What must you give a pet every day?
    All animals need food and clean water
  8. Pets do not like to be _____.
    What do cats do when they are frightened?
  9. Sophie has a pet dog. Sophie is _____ with her pet dog.
    Of course, Sophie is kind to her pet dog. Sophie cares for her pet dog and looks after it
  10. You go to sleep in a bed. Dogs go to sleep in a basket. Lots of pets and farm animals lie down on bedding. What is the bedding made from?
    Do you have a pet that sleeps on straw?

Author: David Bland

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