Animals - What Do They Need To Live And Grow?
All animals need water, including humans!

Animals - What Do They Need To Live And Grow?

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with animals and what they need to live and grow.

In science at school you have looked at lots of different animals. There are lots of different types of animals. But all animals grow. They breathe air and move about. They eat food. What do animals need to live besides food and air? What do you need to grow? Let’s find out a bit more about what all animals need to live and grow.

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  1. A famine is when there is not enough food for people to eat. What do people need to live?
    All animals need enough food
  2. What do all animals need to live?
    Vegetables help keep you healthy. Do you like green vegetables?
  3. If animals get too cold, they die. This is the arctic fox. It lives in very cold places. What does it have to keep warm?
    How do you keep warm in winter?
  4. Dirty water can make you ill. What do animals need to stay healthy?
    Do you have a pet? Do you give your pet clean water?
  5. A drought is when there is no rain. There is very little water. What do people need to live?
    All animals need water. The camel lives in the desert. But even the camel needs some water
  6. Animals need somewhere to live. This bird is a woodpecker. The woodpecker needs somewhere to nest. It needs somewhere to find its food. What do woodpeckers need to live?
    How do woodpeckers make holes in trees?
  7. Some cities have a lot of pollution in the air. The air is not clear. It is called a smog. People wear face masks. What do people need to stay healthy?
    All animals need clean air
  8. What do all animals need to live?
    Lemonade, cola and orange juice all have a lot of water. Cats drink milk, but milk also has a lot of water
  9. Jacob only eats jam sandwiches. What else does Jacob need to grow fit and strong?
    Jacob needs different foods to grow fit and strong
  10. What do all land animals need to live?
    Animals breathe in oxygen from the air. Fish get oxygen from the water through their gills

Author: David Bland

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