Energy - Electricity and Safety at Home
Electricity and heat are both very dangerous!

Energy - Electricity and Safety at Home

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with safety around energy in the home.

You have learned about how we heat and light our homes. We use energy to cook and to clean. Different kinds of energy help us. Electricity is very useful. So are gas cookers and stoves. But energy can also hurt us. Electricity can be very dangerous, and anything that is very hot can be dangerous. Do you know the rules for staying safe around the home? In this quiz, we look at energy around the home and some rules for helping to stay safe.

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  1. Amy’s Dad is putting a ____ into a socket.
    Never play with plugs and sockets. Leave plugs to adults
  2. This is a wood-burning stove. The stove is black in colour. The black surface of the stove is:
    Stoves get very hot. Never touch a stove
  3. This man is cutting grass with a strimmer. What should you do?
    Always keep well away from machinery
  4. Harriet is in danger. What is she doing wrong?
    This is very dangerous. The pan will be very hot. The pan may have boiling water in it. Never get hold of a pan on the cooker
  5. Adam’s Dad is fitting a safety cover. He is fitting it:
    Never play with electrical sockets
  6. Harry is washing his hands. What must he do next?
    Always dry your hands. Never touch anything electrical with wet hands
  7. What is this?
    Never play with matches. Leave matches to adults
  8. Maria’s house has an open fire. What do people burn on an open fire?
    Fires can be warm and cosy. But all fires can be dangerous. Never go near an open fire
  9. Which one of these is always dangerous?
    Boiling water is always dangerous
  10. Ellie and Luke are baking. What must they do before they start baking?
    What do you think Ellie and Luke are baking?

Author: David Bland

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