Energy - Light, Colours and Rainbows
Colour is all around us but what makes it and how does it get there?

Energy - Light, Colours and Rainbows

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with light energy, colours and the rainbow.

Light is an energy. It brightens up the world. It lets us see the world around us. But light is also colourful. At home and at school you will have done colouring and used paints. Colours make things look smart. There is colour all around us. Flowers make gardens bright. Rainbows in the sky are beautiful. This quiz is all about light energy, and the colours of the rainbow.

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  1. Why are fire engines painted bright red and yellow?
    Red means danger. The fire engine can be seen easily. Fire engines also have bright flashing lights.
    Police cars are painted in bright blue and yellow so they stand out. They have bright blue flashing lights.
    Ambulances are painted in bright green and yellow so they stand out. They have flashing lights, too.
  2. What do people say is at the end of the rainbow?
    Is there really a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?
  3. In winter, the Sun is very low in the sky. The sunlight is not as white. What colour is the sunlight when the Sun is very low in the sky?
    The Sun is still very powerful. Remember, never to look directly at the Sun
  4. What does a red light mean?
    Red lights are used on roads and on railways
  5. Amy is in a park. She is blowing bubbles. She looks carefully at one of the bubbles. What does she see?
    The surface of the bubble is all different colours. The colours swirl about
  6. This is a prism. It is a block of glass. Toni shines a ray of white light through the prism. What does she see on the other side?
    Have you ever done this at school?
  7. Why are flowers so bright and colourful?
    What is your favourite flower? And what is your favourite colour?
  8. Alice has painted this picture. What is it?
    Have you seen a rainbow? What colours can you see in a rainbow?
  9. Most plants are _____ in colour.
    Plants are green. The green colour helps plants to catch the sunlight. They need the light to grow
  10. Daylight comes from the Sun. Daylight is often called:
    The sunlight is white in the picture. What colour is the sky?

Author: David Bland

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