Energy - Light Sources
When the Sun has gone down, the only light comes from the Moon, stars and lamps.

Energy - Light Sources

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with light energy and sources of light.

Light is an energy. It lets us see the world around us. Which things make light? In science at school you will have found out about sources of light. Some sources are very big, like the Sun. Some are very small, like glow worms. Lots of other things don’t make their own light - they just reflect light. Mirrors reflect light. The Moon reflects the light of the Sun. Let’s find out a bit more about light energy.

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  1. These candles are burning. They make heat and _____ .
    Fires produce light as well as heat
  2. Mirrors do not make their own light. Mirrors just _______ light.
    Light bounces off mirrors. Light reflects off mirrors
  3. The sun makes lots of light. At night, you cannot see the sun. What can you see in the sky at night?
    There are millions of stars. Stars make light. They are like the Sun, but they are a very long way away. That’s why they look so small
  4. Where does daylight come from?
    Remember, never look directly at the sun - it is very dangerous
  5. What do we use to light our homes?
    Not just our homes - our streets, schools and factories all use electric lights
  6. This minibeast is very unusual. It is called a glow worm. Why do you think it is called a glow worm?
    That’s right - it glows in the dark. Fireflies also make their own light
  7. The Moon shines at night. But the Moon is not like the Sun. The Moon does not make its own light. The Moon reflects light from:
    Sometimes you cannot see all of the Moon. Have you ever seen a crescent-shaped Moon?
  8. In the picture, it is getting dark. When it is completely dark:
    If there is no light at all, then it is completely dark
  9. This is a torch. It produces light. The torch has batteries. What makes the light in a torch?
    The electrical energy is turned into light energy
  10. Mrs Smith is polishing her car. It is very shiny. The light is:
    Light bounces off shiny things

Author: David Bland

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