Energy - Sound, Loudness and Pitch
Sounds can be high pitched, low pitched, loud or, as in the picture, quiet.

Energy - Sound, Loudness and Pitch

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with energy, sounds, loudness and pitch.

You know a lot already about energy but did you know that sound is made by energy? You know how we hear sounds. Not all sounds are the same, of course. Some sounds are loud and some are soft. Sounds have different pitches. Some are high and some are low. Musical instruments can play different notes. Let’s find out a bit more about pitches, loudness and sounds.

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  1. The referee is showing a player the yellow card. The referee is making a high-pitched sound. What does the referee use to make the high-pitched sound?
    When you are playing games at school does your teacher have a whistle?
  2. Antonio is an opera singer. He can sing very low, deep notes. Low notes are:
    Low pitched sounds are called bass (sounds like base)
  3. Tommy is playing notes on the piano keyboard. Some notes are high-pitched, and some notes are low-pitched.

    Where on the piano are the high-pitched keys?
    Can you play notes on a piano?
  4. Adam was watching television. His Mum asked him to turn the sound down. Adam used this button on the remote to turn the sound down.

    What do we call loudness?
    Adam turned the sound down. Did he press the + (plus) or the - (minus) sign?
  5. This man is shouting. The sound he makes is very ____ .
    Why do people not like shouting?
  6. This musical instrument looks like a massive violin. It can play very low-pitched notes. It is called a:
    You can play the double bass by plucking the strings or using a bow
  7. Anna is whispering to Maria. Anna’s voice is very _____.
    Do you whisper to your friends?
  8. John works at an airport. He has to wear ear protectors on his head. Why does John wear ear protectors?
    John works quite near the planes, so it is very loud
  9. This man is playing a tin whistle. A tin whistle makes a ____ _______ sound.
    The tin whistle is sometimes called a penny whistle
  10. Natasha is an opera singer. She can sing very high notes. Very high notes are:
    Who is the best singer you know?

Author: David Bland

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