Energy - Sound of Animal, Machine and Music
When things get too noisy it can hurt our ears!

Energy - Sound of Animal, Machine and Music

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with sound energy, including music, machine and animal noises.

Sound is an energy. There are lots of sounds all around us. Sometimes it is quiet, but often there is a lot of noise. Birds and animals make sounds. Some animals growl and others sing. We talk and laugh and shout and sing. We build machines and machines make a lot of noise. Televisions, mobiles and computers all make sounds. We even listen to music or play musical instruments. This quiz is all about sounds and noises created by energy.

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  1. Look at this list:

    Washing machine
    Children at a party

    What do all these things do?
    Do you make a lot of noise at your parties?
  2. Nearly every animal makes sounds. Dogs make sounds. These dogs are _______ .
    When do dogs bark?
  3. This class is gathered round the piano with their teacher. What are they doing?
    Do you sing at school? Which song do you like best?
  4. Birds love to sing. When they sing, birds produce lots of different ______ .
    When do you hear the birds singing most?
  5. Amy is asleep. There is no noise in her bedroom. It is ______ .
    Amy needs it to be quiet and peaceful so she can get a good night’s sleep
  6. Karl works in a factory. It is very noisy. That’s why he is wearing:
    Loud noises are bad for your ears
  7. Ellie and Sam are talking. They are both making ______ .
    Do you like chatting to your friends?
  8. Toni is playing music in her room. Her parents ask her to turn the volume down. They say the music is too ____ .
    Have you ever been asked to ‘turn it down’?
  9. What is the opposite of noisy?
    Everybody needs some quiet times
  10. Sarah’s Mum is at work. She is on the phone. She can hear the person on the phone. This is because the phone can make _____ .
    Do you talk to your friends on the phone?

Author: David Bland

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