Forces - Elasticity in Rubber Bands
Some things can be stretched or bent and return to their original shape - but not metal forks!

Forces - Elasticity in Rubber Bands

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with forces and elasticity in, for example, springs or rubber bands.

Studying forces in science you will have learned about elasticity, or stretchiness. You already know about springs and rubber bands. If you don’t stretch them too far, they will bounce back into shape. This is very useful. Rubber bands, springs and other elastic things have lots of uses. They can hold things together. They can make things bounce. They can make things more comfortable. How much do you know about what stretchy things can do? Let's find out in this quiz on forces.

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  1. This boy is jumping on a trampoline. What makes the trampoline work?
    The springs are round the edge of the trampoline. The springs are normally covered up to make it safer
  2. This is a mountain bike. Mountain bikes can go over very rough ground. It is very bumpy. What do mountain bikes use to absorb the shocks?
    Cars and trucks also have springs
  3. This is an old clockwork toy. To make it go you have to wind it up. Amy winds it up. She is winding up a ______ inside the toy.
    Wind-up clocks and watches have springs inside them too
  4. Mark has a bow and arrow. Mark pulls back the string on the bow. When he lets go, the string and the bow go back to their original shape. What happens to the arrow?
    Archery is a sport. It uses bows and arrows
  5. What happens if you stretch a rubber band too far?
    Have you ever snapped a rubber band? What happened?
  6. These are bundles of spring onions for sale in a supermarket. What is holding the spring onions together?
    Why are rubber bands so useful for this job?
  7. These clothes pegs are holding the washing on the clothes line. What makes the clothes pegs work?
    Have you ever helped to hang out the washing?
  8. This toy is in a playground. What makes the toy work?
    Do you have toys like this in your local playground?
  9. This is a very simple clip. It holds pieces of paper and card together. It is made from metal. It is called a _________.
    Do you use paperclips at school?
  10. This clip holds lots of pieces of paper together. It is springy. The clip is made from _____.
    Most springs and clips are made from metal

Author: David Bland

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