Forces - Inflation of Balloons
Things that are full of air are light and can float on water.

Forces - Inflation of Balloons

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with forces and inflation of, for example, balloons or bubbles.

Learning about forces in science you have found out about stretchy materials. These can be used to make balloons. Balloons work by being filled with air or inflated. Other things work by being inflated. Tyres and bouncy-castles are blown up with air. Have you ever blown bubbles? Bubbles are full of air, too. This quiz is about forces at play in balloons, bubbles and other inflated things.

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  1. What is inside these balloons?
    Hot air rises. It pushes the balloon up
  2. What is making the balloon get bigger?
    Are you good at blowing up balloons?
  3. What will happen to the balloon when the needle touches it?
    What sound does a balloon make when it bursts?
  4. Jacob is learning to swim. He has arm bands on. The arm bands are blown up. They are full of air. The arm bands help Jacob to _____ in the water.
    Are you a good swimmer?
  5. Connor is blowing up a bicycle tyre. What is he pumping into the tyre?
    Have you ever used a bicycle pump?
  6. These children are enjoying being in a paddling pool. Before they can use the paddling pool, it has to be _____ __.
    The paddling pool has to be blown up. It has to be inflated
  7. These soap bubbles will touch the cactus. The cactus has long, sharp needles. What will happen to the bubbles?
    Bubbles don’t last very long
  8. The bouncy castle is made of big plastic tubes. What is blown into the tubes to get the bouncy castle to be the right shape?
    When the air is blown into the bouncy castle, the bouncy castle is inflated
  9. Annie is blowing soap bubbles. What is inside the bubbles?
    What is the biggest bubble you have ever blown?
  10. This is a hot-air balloon. The burner has been turned on. It is making the air inside the balloon hotter. What will the balloon do?
    Have you ever seen a hot-air balloon in the sky?

Author: David Bland

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