Forces - Magnets
Magnets can be fun but they are also very useful.

Forces - Magnets

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with forces and simple magnets.

Studying forces in science at school you will have used simple magnets. They are fun to use. You can pick up things made of iron and steel. At home, you may have fridge magnets - they use force to stick to the door of the fridge - as long as it contains some iron or steel. Magnets are very useful and simple to use. How much do you know about magnets?

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  1. These building bricks are made of plastic. Tom tries to pick them up with a magnet. But the magnet will not pick up the bricks. Why will the magnet not pick up the bricks?
    Magnets do not pick up things that have no metal in them
  2. Magnets are stuck to the door of this fridge. What material is the door of the fridge made from?
    If magnets will stick to the door, the door must have metal inside it
  3. These toy cows are made of wood. Amy tries to pick them up with a magnet. But the magnet will not pick up the toy cows. Why will the magnet not pick up the toy cows?
    Magnets cannot pick up wood
  4. This magnet is very big and powerful. It is being used in a _____ ____.
    This magnet can pick up and drop heavy pieces of scrap metal. Lots of old cars end up in scrap yards
  5. This helps people use maps to find their way. The needle is a magnet. What is it?
    Have you ever used a compass like this one?
  6. These are letter magnets on a board. What must be inside the board?
    The frame may be plastic or wood, but the magnets will only stick to a metal board. The metal is steel
  7. Connor is learning numbers at school. Connor can move the numbers round. The numbers stick to a metal board. The numbers do not fall off. The numbers have _______ inside them.
    These are number magnets. There are also letter magnets. Have you used number magnets or letter magnets?
  8. This magnet is picking up a lot of nails. The nails are made of ____.
    Magnets attract iron and steel
  9. What are these?
    Magnets have a North end and a South end
  10. Which one of these will a magnet pick up?
    Does the magnet have to touch the paperclip before it picks it up?

Author: David Bland

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