Investigating - My Results
Data we have recorded can be shown in tables or in charts like this.

Investigating - My Results

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with investigating and making simple tables and charts from the results.

This quiz is all about the results you get from investigating. Some results are best shown in a chart. We can make others into a table. Some are best written down. Can you make tables from your results? What do your results mean? What have you found out? Scientists are always trying to explain things. Can you answer all these quiz questions about investigating?

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  1. Ella counted the number of birds that came to a bird table. There were blue tits, greenfinches, and robins.

    When she saw a blue tit, she coloured in a blue square.
    When she saw a greenfinch, she coloured in a green square.
    What colour of square did she use for a robin?
    What colour would Ella use for a goldfinch?
  2. Ella saw three blue tits, four greenfinches, and two robins. How many blue squares did she colour in?
    Which was the commonest bird?
  3. Ella saw three blue tits, four greenfinches, and two robins. How many birds did Ella see altogether?
    Which was the least common bird?
  4. Tanya and Laura are doing an experiment. They are pouring sandy water through a filter funnel. The filter funnel has filter paper in it. What comes out at the bottom of the funnel?
    The filter paper stops the sand
  5. Heidi looked at ten daffodils. She counted the number of petals on each daffodil. She found it was always six. What has Heidi found out?
    What is your favourite spring flower?
  6. Jacob tested four materials with a magnet. Here are his results:

    Rubber ball - Nothing happened
    Plastic toy - Nothing happened
    Metal paperclip - The magnet picked it up
    Ball of wool - Nothing happened

    Which one of these was attracted to the magnet?
    Can you draw a picture to show Jacob’s results?
  7. Jack wanted to know which colour of car was most popular. He counted the colours of cars at the school gate. This is how he showed his results. Jack drew a _____.
    Can you draw charts?
  8. Jack put his results onto a ________. He used the ________ to draw another chart.
    Can you use a computer to draw a chart?
  9. Jack’s teacher was very pleased with the chart on the computer. She said, ‘We’ll put your chart on the display board.’ So Jack sent the chart to a _______.
    Do you have a display board at school? What does it show?
  10. Jack counted the colour of cars. Here are Jack’s results:

    Black - 8
    Blue - 3
    Green - 2
    Red - 14
    Silver - 9
    White - 7
    Yellow - 2

    Which was the most popular colour of car?
    Which colours of car were the least popular?

Author: David Bland

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