Investigating - Observation Skills
If you want to observe and investigate something you will have to look at it very carefully.

Investigating - Observation Skills

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with investigating and the skills of observation.

Science is all about investigating and finding out. When investigating you have to look at things very carefully. You see what things look like. You see how things change. You watch to see if things stay the same. When we look at things very carefully we use our observation skills. This quiz is all about observing. How good are your observation skills?

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  1. What is Jamie using to look closely?
    Binoculars are really good for watching birds
  2. Look closely. How many legs has this spider?
    Have you ever found a spider in the bath?
  3. How many petals has this flower?
    Did you count them?
  4. Lucy is counting the birds that come to a birdfeeder.

    Blue Tits have blue and white on the top of their heads.

    Great Tits have black on the top of their heads.

    How many Blue Tits are at the birdfeeder?
    Do you feed the birds in winter?
  5. What colour spots are on the body of the ladybird?
    Have you ever seen a yellow ladybird?
  6. What colour spots are on the head of this ladybird?
    Not all ladybirds look the same
  7. Sasha is looking very carefully at a minibeast. What is Sasha using to help her?
    Minibeasts look bigger in a magnifying glass
  8. What do we call it when you look very carefully?
    Are you patient? Can you look carefully for a long time?
  9. Tom is looking at leaves in science. He has used a magnifying glass. Now he is using a microscope. Under a microscope, the leaf looks:
    What do you like doing in science?
  10. Ben is observing a minibeast. Which minibeast is Ben looking at closely?
    What is Ben using to study the snail?

Author: David Bland

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