Investigating - Recording Results
Clipboards are handy tools which help us to record data when we are out and about.

Investigating - Recording Results

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with investigating and recording results.

In science you investigate to find things out. To do this you have to look very carefully, take measurements and write things down. You record your results. As well as writing, you might draw pictures, fill in boxes, or use photographs. Then you can share your results with others. This quiz is all about recording what you have found out when measuring and investigating.

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  1. Harry and Sam have been growing beans. They are writing down their results on a laptop. They are _________ their results.
    How will they show their results on the computer?
  2. Holly has been on a zoo trip. She colours in all the animals she has seen. What colours will she use for the penguins?
    She could leave blank all the animals she did not see
  3. Luke is writing his results in a ________.
    Luke will write his results in best later
  4. Freddie is on a field trip. He records what he sees on a ___________.
    How will the teacher know what Freddie has found out?
  5. Mary is looking at leaves. She is counting the number of leaves on a branch. She writes her results on a piece of paper. The paper is on a clipboard. Why does Mary use a clipboard?
    The clipboard gives Mary something firm to write on
  6. Alice and Sarah are making a weather diary. If it is sunny, they draw a yellow sun. If it is cloudy they draw a ____ cloud.
    What could they draw if it was raining?
  7. Amy is investigating modelling clay. She has five different colours. She rolls each one twenty times. Then she measures how long they are. The yellow one is 15 cm long. What does ‘cm’ mean?
    There are 100 centimetres in a metre
  8. Daisy has been studying farm animals. She draws a picture to show what she has found out. She is using a green crayon. What is she drawing?
    What colour will she use for the sky?
  9. These children are on a field trip. They are looking at their results on a ______.
    Where else could the children write down their results?
  10. These children are drawing a tree. They are resting their paper on a _________.
    What time of year is it in the picture?

Author: David Bland

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