Investigating - Whose Plant Will Grow Best?
Plants need light, warmth and water so that they can grow.

Investigating - Whose Plant Will Grow Best?

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with investigating, for example, what makes plants grow.

This quiz is about an investigation by a class at school into what makes plants grow. They want to find out what is needed to help plants to grow. Every person in the class has to decide what they are going to change. The class are going to use tomato plants for their investigation. The teacher buys 50 tomato plants in April. All the tomato plants are the same to start with. Whose tomato plant will grow best, and why? What makes plants grow?

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  1. Ellie watered her two tomato plants every day. But they stopped growing and died. Ellie was upset. What had Ellie done wrong?
    Plants need water, but they can have too much
  2. Jack asks, ‘Do plants need water to grow?’ Jack has two tomato plants. What should he do?
    Which plant, do you think, will grow?
  3. Chloe grew her tomato plants outside. They had yellow flowers. What did Chloe see around the flowers?
    Why are the flowers a bright yellow colour?
  4. Sunil asks, ‘Do plants grow better when it is warm?’ Sunil has two tomato plants. What should Sunil do?
    What happens, do you think, if plants get too hot?
  5. Stella asks, ‘Do plants need sunlight to grow?’ She has two tomato plants. Where should she put them?
    Which one do you think will grow best?
  6. Alex asks, ‘Does the light have to come from the sun?’ What should Alex do with his two tomato plants?
    What do plants need to make their own food?
  7. Maria’s Mum was frying tomatoes. She asked Maria, ‘What do tomatoes need to grow?’ What did Maria say?
    What do you need to grow?
  8. Dylan asks, ‘Do plants grow towards the light?’ Dylan has two tomato plants. How can he test this?
    Why do plants like to grow towards the light?
  9. Lucy asked, ‘What is the biggest tomato I can grow?’ She had one tomato plant. She looked after it really well. It had twelve tomatoes on it. They all ripened and went red. How did she find out which was the biggest tomato?
    What did Lucy use to weigh the tomatoes?
  10. Katie wanted to find out what type of soil tomato plants like best. Katie had three tomato plants. She planted one in compost, one in stony soil, and one in sandy soil. What should she do then?
    Katie must also give all three plants the same amount of water

Author: David Bland

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