Living Things - Grouping and Classifying
If it has feathers it must be a bird!

Living Things - Grouping and Classifying

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with variation between animals and grouping and classifying living things.

Scientists put things into groups or classify them. You know that some things are living and some are not. Living things are plants or animals. Are all living things the same? What makes them different? Can you put animals into groups? How will you decide how to classify them?

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  1. How does the crab catch its food?
    Some animals have special claws to catch their food
  2. Which one of these lays eggs?
    Birds lay eggs in nests. The eggs hatch. The chicks grow just like their parents
  3. You can put animals into groups. Which group is this animal in?
    Have you ever seen a more colourful bird? This parrot has two legs, feathers and wings, so it’s a bird
  4. How do you know this is a bird?
    Legs, arms and wings are good ways to group animals
  5. Look at the snake. How many legs has it got?
    Some animals, like slugs, fish and snakes, do not have any legs
  6. How many legs do spiders have?
    Some animals, like snakes, have no legs. We have two legs. So have birds. A lot of animals have four legs. But some little animals have lots of legs
  7. Some animals have feathers. Which animals have feathers?
    Birds have feathers to keep them warm
  8. Which group does this animal belong to?
    This trout has fins, no legs and a smooth skin. It is a fish
  9. Which one of these has fur on its body?
    The bear has thick fur to keep itself warm
  10. How do you know this is a fish?
    Fins look a bit like wings. But fish have fins, and birds have wings

Author: David Bland

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