Living Things - How Animals and Plants Depend on Each Other
Plants and animals need each other to survive.

Living Things - How Animals and Plants Depend on Each Other

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with living things and how animals and plants depend on each other.

You have looked at living things in school. You have found out things about plants, and things about animals. We depend on plants and animals. What would happen if there were no plants? What would animals eat? What else do we need plants and trees for? All living things, plants and animals, live together. They depend on and need each other.

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  1. What do sheep get from grass?
    Sheep eat grass for food. They have to eat a lot of grass everyday
  2. Many birds eat seeds. Where do the seeds come from?
    A lot of plants make seeds. Sparrows and other birds love eating seeds
  3. If we chop all the trees down, which animal will have nowhere to live?
    Squirrels live in trees. If there were no trees the squirrels would have no homes
  4. This is a sparrowhawk. It is a bird of prey. What does the sparrowhawk eat?
    The sparrowhawk is very fast. It has very good eyesight. It catches small birds in its claws
  5. Why do we feed birds in the winter?
    Birds are fun to watch. It is cold and dark in winter. But birds have less food in winter. So we help the birds by feeding them
  6. What do we get from trees?
    Wood comes from trees
  7. Which one of these animals lives in trees?
    Squirrels spend nearly all their time in trees. They come down to bury acorns in the ground
  8. This is a rhinoceros. It lives in Africa. It is drinking at a waterhole. The rhinoceros eats plants. It does not eat meat. What will happen if it does not rain?
    The poor rhinoceros needs food and water. If the rains do not come, the plants will die. The rhino will have less to eat. The waterholes will dry up. The rhinos will have no water to drink
  9. Which one of these animals eats minibeasts?
    Lots of birds eat minibeasts. They eat worms, grubs and flies
  10. This is a pond in a field. What happens if the pond is filled in? Which one of these animals will have nowhere to live?
    Frogs need ponds. They live there. If the pond is filled in, the frogs will lose their home

Author: David Bland

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