Living Things - Is It Alive?
Is a flower alive?

Living Things - Is It Alive?

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with examples of living/non-living things like, for example, a sleeping animal and a fire.

Can you think of some examples of living things? You are alive, and so are animals. You can grow, eat, sleep and move about. Plants are living things too. They can grow but don't move or sleep. But what about a television? Is it alive? Is it an animal? It makes plenty of noise. But televisions don’t need food. So not everything that talks to you is alive!

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  1. Cars move. This one can go very fast. They also make a lot of noise. But are they alive? What can we say about the car?
    Cars are a bit like animals. But cars are machines. They are not really alive
  2. How do you know this tree is alive?
    Some chairs and tables are made of wood, but they are not alive
  3. Which of these is alive?
    The mobile phone makes a noise. Both the washing machine and the clock go round and round. But only the dog is alive
  4. This is an oak tree. In winter the oak tree has no leaves. What can we say about the oak tree?
    Many trees lose their leaves. But they are still alive. They will grow new leaves in the spring
  5. These are planks of wood. The planks have been made from a tree. What can we say about the planks?
    The tree was alive. But it has been sawn down and cut up. The planks cannot grow. They are not alive
  6. Which one of these is alive?
    Did you get it? Flowering plants are alive
  7. This is a bonfire. What can we say about the bonfire?
    The bonfire is bright and it is very hot. The flames move about. But the bonfire is not a plant or an animal. The bonfire is not really alive
  8. These are logs. A tree has been cut down and sawn up. What can we say about the logs?
    The logs were part of a tree. The tree was alive. But now the logs are not alive
  9. The dog is a living thing. The dog is alive. But what is the dog doing?
    A dog is alive even when it is sleeping. You are alive when you are sleeping. In the morning you will wake up
  10. Ellie is using a computer. Is the computer alive? What can we say about the computer?
    The computer is very clever - just like you. But the computer is just a machine. It is not really alive

Author: David Bland

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