Living Things - Woodland Habitat
Many things live in the woods, like this squirrel.

Living Things - Woodland Habitat

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with living things in a woodland habitat.

You have found out a lot about living things in science. Plants and animals are living things. You know that where plants and animals live is called their habitat. Different plants and animals like to live in different places. One place some plants and animals live is in woodland. Can you use what you know to answer these questions about the woodland habitat?

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  1. Where is it sunniest in a wood?
    The trees grow tall. They catch the sunlight. So it is shady under the trees
  2. Which of these animals likes to live in woodland?
    Birds love woodland - there is lots of food, and they are safe in among the trees
  3. Ferns grow on the ground in the wood. They grow under the trees. What is it like under the trees?
    All plants need light to grow. Ferns need light. But they can grow in the shade
  4. What do many birds build in woodland?
    Some birds build nests in other places - in hedgerows or under the roofs of houses
  5. In the spring, many woods are full of blue flowers. What are these blue flowers called?
    Have you ever been to a bluebell wood? Have you walked through the wood? What does it look like when the bluebells are flowering?
  6. Which type of animals like to live on or under tree bark?
    There are lots of beetles and other minibeasts on tree bark. Birds hop about on the bark. The birds catch some of these minibeasts for food
  7. On the ground in the wood there is a lot of leaf litter. Where do the leaves come from?
    The leaves fall through the air, but they come from the trees. A lot of leaves fall off trees in the autumn
  8. Sasha wants to find lots and lots of minibeasts in the wood. Where should he look to find the most minibeasts?
    There are minibeasts nearly everywhere in a wood, but they love to be in the leaf litter on the floor of the wood. There’s lots for them to eat there
  9. What are the tallest plants in a wood?
    The trees grow tall to get as much sunlight as possible
  10. This animal likes to live in the woods. What is its name?
    Deer feel safe hiding in the woods

Author: David Bland

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