Materials - All About Objects
Lots of different things can be made from plastic. Plastic is a versatile material.

Materials - All About Objects

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with materials and objects.

What are things made from? They can be solid, like a brick, or they can be made of liquids or even gases. Some things, like rock and wood, are natural. But other things have been made. The chair you are sitting on may be made of wood, but it has been made in a factory. Many things are made from lots of different materials. Let’s start to find out about materials.

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  1. This is long and thin and straight. It joins pieces of wood together. What is it?
    What is a saw used for?
  2. Some big things are made up of lots of smaller things. What is this garden wall made up of?
    Do you have any toys that use building bricks?
  3. You cannot see through this. It holds up the rest of the house. What is it?
    What does your home look like?
  4. We also cover our feet. Which material is used to make this little girl’s shoe?
    What size of shoe do you wear now?
  5. This bottle is made from a solid. Inside the bottle is a liquid. Which one of these is also a liquid inside a solid?
    A football is a gas inside a solid
  6. A lot of these are made from wood. But some are made from plastic. What are they?
    What is your front door at home made from?
  7. Which one of these is a gas inside a solid?
    The solid part of the balloon is thin and stretchy
  8. This part of a house is made from tiles or slate. It keeps the rain out. What is it?
    The houses in this picture don’t have chimneys. Do you live in a house? Does it have a chimney?
  9. We cover ourselves in materials. What do we call these materials?
    When you were young, did you like dressing up?
  10. This has a frame, but you can see through it. What is it?
    How many windows are there in your house or flat?

Author: David Bland

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