Materials - Properties (Describing)
Have you ever seen a mirror-ball? They are very shiny!

Materials - Properties (Describing)

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with words used to describe the different properties of materials.

You will have looked at different materials in school science lessons. Different materials have different properties. Properties are words that describe what something is like. Is the material rough or smooth, hard or soft? Before we look at using materials, let’s test how many of these words for describing a material's properties you know.

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  1. This man is carving stone. He uses a hammer and chisel because the rock is very ____.
    Statues are carved from stone
  2. The pillow is very comfortable because the pillow is ____.
    Is the pillow in your bed comfortable?
  3. The slinky toy is bendy. Another word for bendy is ________.
    Have you ever played with a slinky toy?
  4. This is a cheese grater. The surface of the cheese grater is _____.
    Be careful using a cheese grater - mind your fingers!
  5. Steel girders are very ______.
    The picture shows the Firth Of Forth Railway Bridge in Scotland
  6. There is glass in these windows. You can see through the glass. The glass is ___________.
    You can see through transparent materials
  7. The opposite of rough is ______.
    Babies have very smooth skin
  8. This catapult is stretchy. Another word for stretchy is _______.
    Rubber bands are sometimes called elastic bands. Elastic bands are stretchy - they are elastic!
  9. Mr Smith is polishing his car. It gleams. The surface of the metal is _____.
    Have you ever helped to clean the car?
  10. If you can’t see through something, it is called ______.
    It is hard to see through opaque materials

Author: David Bland

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