Materials - Weak And Strong
Jellies are very weak materials. You wouldn't build a house with them!

Materials - Weak And Strong

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with weak and strong materials and why some things break but others don't.

You know that some materials are hard and others are soft. Some break easily but others do not. Some materials are weak and some are strong. Wool is soft, but if you pull it, it is quite strong. A glass vase is solid. It is hard to the touch. But it can break easily - it is weak if it is dropped. Here are ten questions about the strength of materials. Can you get full marks?

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  1. It is Mark’s birthday. He is having a party. He is given a birthday card. There is a birthday cake with icing on it. There are candles on the cake. Afterwards, they all eat jelly. All these materials are weak. But which one of these materials is the weakest?
    Do you like to eat jelly?
  2. This is the British Museum in London. Many buildings are made of stone. Stone is cut from rock. Rock is a _____ material.
    Stone is cut from rock in quarries
  3. Ellie is eating ice-cream out of a glass dish. She accidentally knocks the glass dish off the table and onto the floor. What will happen?
    If you do break a glass, always ask an adult to see to it
  4. String is very bendy and flexible. But if you pull on string it is very hard to pull apart. You need scissors to cut string. This is because string is:
    It is very hard to stretch string. But you can stretch a rubber band by pulling on it. Rubber bands are elastic
  5. Holly goes to the playground. She climbs up onto the bars. The bars must be strong to hold Holly. The bars are made from _____.
    Do you like swinging from the bars at the playground?
  6. Which of these can you cut with scissors?
    What do you like making at school?
  7. Wood is a strong material. But it can be cut. What do we use to cut wood?
    Be careful - saws are sharp. Saws can be very dangerous
  8. The lead in a pencil breaks quite easily. The lead in a pencil is weak. Some people try to break the pencil itself. But it is hard to break pencils. This shows that:
    Wood is surprisingly strong
  9. Trains run on tracks. The tracks are made of steel. This is because steel is very ______.
    Never go near railway lines
  10. Spoons go through ice cream easily. This is because ice cream is a ____ material.
    Which flavour of ice cream do you like best?

Author: David Bland

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