Plants - Identifying Well-Known Plants
Grass, trees and flowers are all plants.

Plants - Identifying Well-Known Plants

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with identifying and naming well-known plants.

How many plants do you know? How many can you identify and name? Some are well-known. Weeds, grass, trees and flowers - they are all plants. Others are not so well-known. Some people have gardens and grow flowers. Lots of people have pot plants in their homes. Everyone loves a bunch of flowers. In school science lessons you look at flowers. Do you know the names of these plants and flowers? Can you identify them?

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  1. What is this plant called?
    Dandelions are a weed. But their yellow flowers are bright and colourful
  2. The cactus grows in hot, dry places. It does not have leaves like other plants. How do we know the cactus is a plant?
    This cactus is called a prickly pear. It does not need a lot of water, and it is very prickly. But Answer 3 is the best answer - like many plants, the cactus is green and has flowers
  3. This plant can sting. What is it?
    This nettle has tiny green flowers. Have you ever been stung by a nettle?
  4. Sam and Tom are playing on the lawn. Sam says grass is a plant. Tom says, ‘It can’t be a plant. Grass doesn’t have flowers.’

    Sam tells Tom why grass is a plant.

    ‘Okay,’ says Tom, ‘I believe you. Grass is a plant.’

    What did Sam say to Tom?
    Grass is green, but the best answer is 3. Not all plants have colourful flowers. If grass is left to grow, it has tiny green flowers. It makes seeds. Have you ever played with grass seeds in your hand?
  5. What is the name of this flower?
    Another bright yellow flower. It also begins with D. Do you know the names of any other flowers that begin with D?
  6. Aisha and Yasmin are playing hide and seek in the wood.

    ‘There are no plants in the wood,’ says Aisha.
    ‘What do you mean?’ says Yasmin. ‘Trees are plants.’

    Why is she right?
    Trees are hard, strong and tall. But answer 3 is the best answer. Like all plants, trees grow. They have leaves to catch the sunlight. Trees make seeds or nuts
  7. Mind you don't get scratched! This is another prickly plant. What is it?
    Not all roses are red
  8. A lot of plants produce fruit. Which plant is this?
    Strawberries are easy to grow. Do you like eating strawberries?
  9. What is the name of this plant?
    There are short daisies. They grow on lawns. There are also tall daisies. They grow in gardens. Are the daisies in the picture short or tall?
  10. This is another prickly plant. What is it?
    Holly has lovely red berries. Do you have holly in your house at Christmas?

Author: David Bland

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