Plants - Tree Growth
This tiny sapling will grow into a huge oak tree!

Plants - Tree Growth

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with plants, deciduous and evergreen trees, and their growth in seasons.

Trees are plants. In spring, like other plants, trees grow and make new leaves. In summer they are full of leaves. In the autumn some trees lose their leaves. They are called deciduous trees. Deciduous trees look very different in the winter. Some trees keep their leaves all tear round. These are called evergreens. Evergreens don't lose their leaves. Why do some trees change? When do trees grow?

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  1. Some trees have no leaves in winter. These trees are called _________.
    Ash, beech and sycamore are all deciduous trees. They drop their leaves in autumn
  2. What grows from the buds in the spring?
    Trees and plants grow in the spring
  3. Some trees keep their leaves all winter. These trees are called _________.
    Most conifers are evergreens
  4. As trees grow, their trunks get wider. Tree trunks are covered in ____.
    Bark is a great place for minibeasts to live
  5. When does the oak tree grow new leaves?
    Deciduous trees grow new leaves in the spring
  6. This is an oak tree in winter. What sort of tree is an oak tree?
    Oak trees lose their leaves in the autumn
  7. This tree has no leaves in winter. How do we know it is not dead?
    Look carefully. Bushes and trees have buds on them in winter
  8. This is a picture of a holly tree in January. What type of tree is a holly tree?
    Evergreen trees stay green all year round
  9. When do trees grow most quickly?
    Trees grow slowly, but they grow quickest in the spring
  10. When does the oak tree drop its leaves?
    There are lots of golden brown leaves on the ground in autumn

Author: David Bland

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