Plants - Trees
Sequoias are the largest kind of trees in the world.

Plants - Trees

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with plants and the structure of trees.

You have learned the parts , or structure, of plants. Trees are plants. Not all trees are very tall. But lots of trees grow very big and very strong. They are in woods, in parks and in streets. Trees are often very old. Many trees grow very slowly. Let’s take a look at the parts and structure of trees.

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  1. This tree produces acorns. What is the name of the tree?
    Squirrels like to eat acorns
  2. Oak trees hide their seeds in acorns. Where does this pine tree hide its seeds?
    Have you ever collected pine cones in a forest?
  3. Which part of the tree is this?
    This is the magnolia tree. It has big, beautiful flowers
  4. Some trees spread out. They are round shapes. Other trees are different shapes. What shape are these fir trees?
    Fir trees, pines and spruce are all types of conifer. Most conifers have a pointy shape
  5. Which parts of a tree grow into the soil?
    Some of the roots of this tree are on the surface. But the roots of trees are very long under the soil
  6. Not all trees have colourful flowers. But the cherry tree has lots and lots of flowers. What is another word for these flowers?
    Fruit trees blossom in the spring
  7. What do we call the long arms that come off the trunk of a tree?
    Lots of twigs come from the big, main branches
  8. Trees are plants. Just like other plants, which part of the tree catches the sunlight?
    Green leaves catch the sunlight. That helps the tree to grow
  9. What do we call the big, thick stem of the tree?
    Some big trees in Africa and America have trunks that are more than 6 metres all the way round!
  10. Conifer trees have pine needles. What part of a plant are pine needles?
    Some leaves are shaped like needles. They are thin and prickly

Author: David Bland

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