Plants - What Makes Them Grow?
If this plant could speak it would ask for some water!

Plants - What Makes Them Grow?

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with how light, water and warmth are needed in order for plants to grow.

Plants do not eat food. They have to make their own food in their leaves. They need light, water and warmth to make this food. The more food they make, the more they can grow. So, the more light, water and warmth they get the bigger they grow. Let's find out more about what plants need.

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  1. It is wintertime. These roses have died. What has killed the roses?
    Some plants do flower in the winter. Can you think of a plant that flowers in the winter? That's right - the snowdrop!
  2. Tom is given a plant. He wants it to grow. Where should Tom put it?
    Plants will not grow in the dark
  3. The cactus can live in very dry places. But even the cactus needs some ____ to stay alive.
    The inside of a cactus stores a lot of water
  4. What temperature do plants like best?
    If it is too hot, plants will wilt. If it is too cold, plants will die
  5. Which one of these do plants need to grow?
    Plants must have light to grow
  6. Helen is growing a pepper plant. She is growing it in a greenhouse. Why does it grow well in a greenhouse?
    Greenhouses have lots of glass. Do you have a greenhouse?
  7. When do plants grow quickest?
    Plants grow quickest in spring and early summer
  8. Why do plants like the rain?
    Do you like being out in the rain?
  9. Plants need food to grow. When will this plant make most food?
    There is more sunlight in the daytime. That is when plants make most of their food
  10. Why has the flower wilted?
    Flowers can’t speak. But if they wilt, you know they want water

Author: David Bland

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