Seasons And Weather - Weather Diary
Is today a cloudy or a sunny day? You could write down the weather in a weather diary.

Seasons And Weather - Weather Diary

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with using data from a weather diary to answer questions about seasons and the weather.

This quiz is based on data from a weather diary. Jake has kept his weather diary for a whole year and seen how the seasons differ. Can you help Jake answer questions about his weather diary? What has Jake learned? Can you look at the data and help Jake decide what he has learned? What was the weather like in the different seasons of the year?

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  1. Jake recorded the number of sunny days. Here are his results:

    May - 12 days
    June - 21 days
    July - 19 days
    August - 9 days

    Which was the sunniest month?
    Which was the least sunny month?
  2. Jake recorded cloudy days in his weather diary. In January there were 20 cloudy days. There are 31 days in January. How many days in January were sunny?
    How do you work it out?
  3. The wind in March blew from the south-west. What did Jake use to tell which way the wind was blowing?
    The wind often blows from the south-west
  4. Jake recorded snow on three days last year. Jake decided that:
    Some winters there is no snow at all
  5. Jake recorded the temperature every day. Jake used a thermometer. He wrote down the temperatures in oC. What does oC mean?
    What is the temperature today?
  6. Jake recorded 11 foggy days in November. What has Jake found out?
    11 days is a lot of fog!
  7. Jake measured the rainfall. It rained on 17 days in April. There are 30 days in April. How many days in April were dry?
    How do you work it out?
  8. Jake wrote down that the longest day was on the 21st of June. This meant that:
    The nights are very short in June
  9. Which one of these did Jake NOT record in his weather diary?
    What else would you record in a weather diary?
  10. Jake recorded the temperature every day. Here are four days in July:

    Thursday 21oC
    Friday 23oC
    Saturday 25oC
    Sunday 24oC

    Which was the hottest day?
    Which was the coolest of the four days?

Author: David Bland

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