Staying Healthy - Bugs
The bugs which make us ill are so small we need a microscope to see them!

Staying Healthy - Bugs

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with staying healthy and the importance of washing our hands to guard against bugs.

How often are you told to wash your hands? Do you always do it when you should? Why is washing your hands important? We have to wash our hands to stay healthy. In school, you will have learned about bugs. Bugs are too small to see - they are much smaller than mininbeasts. Not all bugs are nasty, but some are. Some bugs can make us ill. That’s why we need to wash our hands if we want to stay healthy.

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  1. Ellie is eating her lunch. What must she do before she starts eating?
    You should always wash your hands before a meal
  2. Some bugs can make us ill. Bugs are much _______ than minibeasts.
    Scientists use microscopes to study tiny bugs
  3. What should you use when you are washing your hands?
    Liquid soap is just as good
  4. What sort of water should you use to wash your hands?
    Be careful! Boiling water is very dangerous. Make sure the water in the hot tap is not too hot
  5. After you have washed your hands, what must you do?
    You can dry your hands on a towel
  6. Some bugs can make us ill. These bugs spread _______.
    What is it like when you don’t feel well?
  7. Ellie is at the toilet. Now what must she do?
    You must always wash your hands after you have been to the toilet
  8. Daniel was going to eat this apple. But he decided not to eat this apple. Daniel said: ‘This apple is ______.’
    Never bite into rotten food!
  9. Why do we wash dishes after a meal?
    A clean plate has fewer bugs. Have you ever helped to wash the dishes?
  10. Why do we clean the kitchen?
    We prepare food in kitchens. Kitchens need to be really clean

Author: David Bland

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