Staying Healthy - Food (Correct Amounts)
If we eat to much food it is not good for our health!

Staying Healthy - Food (Correct Amounts)

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with diet and the correct amount of food to eat in order to stay healthy.

Food is very important if we want to stay healthy. Eating too little is not good for us. We need enough good food and clean water to grow and to stay healthy. In some parts of the world people don't get the right amount. They are short of food and water. But eating too much is not good for us either. We all need to get the balance right. At school, you have probably learned that people need the right amount of food if they are to stay healthy.

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  1. Do you like cakes and biscuits? Most people do. But what might happen if you eat too many cakes and biscuits?
    Most people like cakes and biscuits. But, like a lot of things, don’t eat too many of them
  2. Some children don’t like a lot of foods. They will only eat a few things. The boy in the picture is called Lucas. Lucas doesn’t like the food he has been given. Lucas wanted a pizza. Why should Lucas eat the food?
    Growing and staying healthy will please his Mum
  3. Children like sweets. Lots of grown-ups like sweets, too. If you eat too many sweets, what might happen?
    What is your favourite sweet?
  4. Not everyone gets enough food to eat. In some countries, people are short of food. When lots of people in a country are short of food, it is called a ______.
    Drought is when it does not rain. The crops cannot grow. This causes a famine
  5. Do you like chocolate? Most people do. Like most things, eating too much chocolate is not good for you. How much chocolate should you eat?
    Did you know? - Chocolate is not good for dogs. Even a little bit can make them very ill. So don’t feed chocolate to your pet
  6. Eating too much is not a good thing. This man is eating too much. He will be:
    People are not all the same weight. Children are not all the same weight. But eating far too much can make people over-weight
  7. A lot of drinks have sugar in them. Sugar is sweet. Sugar is a food. If you eat a lot of sugar, you can become over-weight. Which one of these drinks does not contain any sugar?
    What do you drink at school?
  8. This sandwich looks healthy. It is made of lots of different foods. It has bread and ham, and cheese, and lettuce and tomato. But what is wrong with this sandwich?
    There is far more food here than you need
  9. Layla is enjoying a meal with her family. Layla says, ‘It is best to eat...’
    Like Layla, enjoy eating a healthy, varied diet
  10. As well as putting on weight, what else might happen if you eat too many sweets?
    Too many sweets can rot your teeth

Author: David Bland

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