Staying Healthy - Recycling
We can recycle different materials, such as class or metal. We put each type into different coloured bins.

Staying Healthy - Recycling

This quiz addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum KS1 Science for children aged 5 and 6 in years 1 and 2. Specifically this quiz is aimed at the section dealing with staying healthy, the environment and recycling.

You need to keep fit to grow and stay healthy. We need to keep the environment healthy as well. One way we can do this is by recycling. At school, you may have learnt about the three R’s - reduce, reuse and recycle. Reduce - use less if you can. Reuse - lots of things can be used again and not thrown away. Recycle - if things have to be thrown away, recycle as much as possible. This quiz is about how we can help the environment to stay healthy.

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  1. Sarah has collected all these empty pop bottles, water bottles and milk cartons. Which recycling bin should they go in?
    Not all plastics can be recycled, but a lot can be recycled
  2. Sarah recycles as many things as she can. Which recycling bin should she put the drinks cans in?
    Drinks cartons are made from cardboard. But drinks cans are made from metal
  3. Tom’s family have three televisions. This television has stopped working. What should Tom’s family do with this television?
    Have you ever been to the Recycling Centre?
  4. Sarah has also collected all these tins. They are soup tins, baked beans tins, and tuna tins. Which recycling bin should Sarah put these tins in?
    All ring-pull tins can go into the metal recycling bin
  5. What is this girl pulling along?
    On what day are your bins emptied?
  6. Sarah has three drinks cans. She doesn’t throw them away. What does she do with them?
    The recycled cans will go to a factory. They will be made into new cans
  7. Nearly everything we buy is wrapped up. Food is sold in plastic trays. It is wrapped in plastic. Toys are wrapped in plastic and put into cardboard boxes. What do we call the plastic and cardboard wrappings?
    A lot of people say that there is too much packaging. They say that the amount of packaging should be reduced
  8. Tom’s Mum has been doing the shopping. The shopping is in lots of plastic carrier bags. What should Tom’s Mum do with the plastic carrier bags?
    Does your family reuse plastic carrier bags?
  9. Sarah’s Grandma makes her own jam. She pours it into jam jars. She doesn’t buy new jam jars. She uses old jam jars. What is Sarah’s Grandma doing with the jam jars?
    What do you reuse in your home?
  10. These are potato peelings. Which bin should these go into?
    All vegetable peelings can go in the green compost bin

Author: David Bland

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