People living in the world is the largest community.


In KS2 Citizenship lessons, you will learn about communities. Communities are groups of people with common interests. We all belong to several communities such as our street, town, county, country or the world. We also have religious communities such as Christians or Muslims.

In a classroom there is a group of people, both children and the teacher, who have a common interest. Can you think what that common interest might be? It might be geography if it’s a geography lesson, or more generally it might be education.

In this quiz we test your knowledge of communities and how people can have similarities and differences.

  1. Which of these groups of people are not a community?
    A family isn't a community
  2. Yasmin is a year 4 Muslim girl and Sarah is a year 4 Christian girl, they both live in Norwich. Which sentence includes ALL SIMILARITIES between them?
    Remember we are asking for all the similarities
  3. Which community does a girl from Leeds and a boy from London share?
    Both Leeds and London are in England
  4. Which community does a girl from Edinburgh and a boy from Manchester share?
    Edinburgh is in Scotland and Manchester is in England however these countries are both part of Great Britain
  5. Which is the smallest community?
    There are over 50 million people living in England
  6. Which community does a boy from Wales and a boy from China share?
    Wales and China are a huge distance from each other, but both are part of the world
  7. Which community does a girl from France and a girl from Germany share?
    Both France and Germany are part of Europe
  8. Yasmin is a year 4 Muslim girl and Sarah is a year 4 Christian girl, they both live in Norwich. Which are the DIFFERENCES between them?
    Yasmin is a Muslim which means she follows the Islam religion and Sarah is a Christian which mean she follows Christianity - two different religions
  9. Which is the largest community?
    People living in the world includes everyone - even you!
  10. Which community does a Sikh girl from England and a Sikh girl from India share?
    Sikhism is a type of religion

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